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Someone in your way of success?

Have you heard an expert say that someone else is causing your problem? It might be a boss, investor, partner, another C-level, someone on your team, or even a family member. Copy-writers state to never be negative in marketing, which in itself is negative (duh). But they may not deal with reality whereas my clients do every day. You can only change the pain when the source of is identified.

It be something within the company that makes you want to scream and walk away. It still baffles me why some company leaders are more loyal to a company policy or structure than their people.

And yes, it might be you. Maybe you have addictive personally, ADD, working too much, family issue, struggle with showing empathy, or maybe you need a shift in your motivation. If you suddenly found yourself in a spot where something needs to change, and most likely you want it gone today, then it’s time be smart with your next move.

You may not have any big issues needing to be resolved now. Companies have reached out to me for help with their newly titled leaders. Starting out with a solid proven plan is one of the best gifts a new leader can have.

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Where do you score on the benefits below?

Amazing Results

We want to be amazing, not average. Unlike cheesy ads where the product is “sensational” our coaching method requires work. My clients are unique because they want to excel and reap the rewards of being their best. They want meaningful relationships in their personal lives.

Genuinely Impact Others

Superhero characters are not real (but don’t say that at cosplay events). But you can be a real hero at work AND home. You can give others the brilliant part of you. Even a 2-3 month 360-degree plan can give you startling results.

Navigating the Obstacles

Let’s overcome obstacles the smart way. Stop being “suddenly reactive” and become intelligently proactive. It makes a big difference to tackle difficulties the smart way. Learn to see and pounce on the opportunities in chaos. Be extraordinary.

Life near the top may have a panoramic view, but it is not always beautiful.   The higher you get the more intense the accountability and expectations of your role.  Every day is a non-stop roller coaster of   decision making, meetings, reports, team-building, phone calls, emails, and unforeseen disruptions!    Stress in the work place is at an epic level and it was overwhelming me.  It affected my quality of work, quality of family time, and my ability to perform at my peak daily.   Then Glenn stepped in.   I wish I had called him sooner! He quickly helped me quiet the noise around me so I could focus on the highest priority work each day.   He helped me unfold my emotional world so I could truly give my best to everyone at work and my family. We put a workable plan in place so I could perform at my peak and still have quality time with my family.   I cannot thank him enough.

Christy Kindler

CIO, Adventist Health System

My Secret Sauce and Guarantee

My authentic secret sauce is simple. It’s about people, not productivity. Yes, we look at emotional intelligence, internal culture, leadership skills and other factors (how did those buzzwords slip in there?). When you take the step to make things better for yourself, your company, and your family then the right results will follow. Did you have a loyal dog when you were young? Certainly that dog followed you wherever you went.

All of my clients get a customized each program based on their unique needs and situation. Sometimes we involve others at their company and sometimes we involve their families. You won’t find a one-size-fits-all coaching model here unlike other coaching services.

You have my personal guarantee if you are unhappy in our collaborative work, I’ll do whatever I can to make it right.

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our clients love success



Eliminate the noise

No one climbs Everest glued to their phones and attending meetings. Get a winning mentality so you can knock-out that mountain.

Contagious vision

Your passion and vision can be infectious so others will WANT to follow you.

Move those wheels

In a rut? Children love the song “Wheels on the Bus” because kids love to move. Your bus is waiting…


Does success have a sound?

The best leaders are tuned into their followers. Improve your communication then watch your effectiveness increase.


Work from home like a boss!

The reality is working from home requires MORE focus and dedication than being at the office. Don’t just believe me but research says this. I’ll show you and your employees what you need to do to be successful when working from home.

The pursuit of my goals has been a long, demanding, but very rewarding journey. Through this pursuit, there have been many difficult challenges along the way. It was necessary for me to not only acknowledge these challenges but to face and overcome them. Glenn is instrumental for me to understand and conquer these challenges on a deeper and more meaningful level. Through understanding and perspective, it is more than learning, it is personal growth. He is there every step of the way and is an invaluable asset. One that I highly recommend.

Adam Field

CPO, Meshwork

In a time with crazy growth in my business (and a growing family), I was suffocating. I couldn’t celebrate success because there was someone or something always demanding my attention. Glenn anchored me to what, and who, was most important. Every new success changed the rules of the game and Glenn helped me quickly grow as the leader I needed to be. We even found new ways to re-structure my operation team so I could be freed-up once again to pursue my passion in my business.

Zachary Johnston

Founder & CEO, The Spice Guy

I reached out to Glenn when my consulting business was really taking off and my wife and I were having our second child. Exhaustion was taking over, and the daily grind was really becoming a challenge, especially emotionally. Glenn has been “rock” for the past six months as a solo entrepreneur. He helps me make sense of what I’m experiencing, and how I’m experiencing it. Not only that, but he’s helped me start to scale my business and really see the vision of how I create more balance in my consulting practice. I can’t imagine where I would be without his assistance.

Dan Kern

Founder & CEO, Kern Media

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