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toxic leadership made me do it



there is a better way

All of us have worked with a bad leader. In most cases, we’ve worded UNDER a toxic leader. And by saying “under” I mean we’ve been treated worse than cardboard on it’s way to the recycling bin. Most leaders use their title, their position, and sometimes their money to demand attention and obedience. They rarely get their hands dirty for the sake of their team.

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I believe strong healthy leadership creates a much bigger opportunity for success for EVERYONE. Great leaders focus on others first. They LOVE to help others excel and be their best. They STRIVE to meet goals while improving relationships. They FOCUS on being their best so they can have the results they want.

This is why i’m here

My clients have a ton of responsibilities. They laugh when someone tells them “get a better work-life balance.” I’ve worked with top levels in the Fortune 100, fast-growing startups, and some in-between. Productivity usually isn’t a problem. Hence is why my authentic approach focuses on people first. But I digress. And yes, I do address “work-life balance” because the concept is misunderstood by most professionals.

Client’s tell me it’s very refreshing for them to tap into my instinct. Not sure if it’s my background, education, training, or maybe a gift from heaven, but I love to sort-out for my clients what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s rewarding when my client’s open wide and see something they’ve never seen before. Whether we address issues with others or with their own internal world, they grow. Instead of only helping clients confront the pain, the fun part is helping them change their trajectory to pursue better things

Per the client's schedule

Clients know our work is confidential unless they want to broadcast it. Clients in the Greater Denver area have the option to schedule sessions at their office. Most of the time clients prefer to meet over the phone.

It's ok to yawn...

Master’s at a national top-10 program in Leadership and Organizational Development, with a 4.0 gpa. Minor in psychology and counseling with clinical hours. I won’t bore you with the evidenced-based training classes.

Clients benefit from research-driven models and tools that really do work. Did you know there over a dozen motivational factors?

Bring on the chaos

I’m well-adapted (and trained) to helping clients with unforeseen big events like a lawsuit, death of an employee or leader, conflict between people, or something like a huge company re-structure.  Though I can’t tell you clients’ stories, I’ve been through fire before.

Free review session

Curious if you can really have something better? Do you wonder, as you lay down in bed after an exhausting day, if it’s really worth it? Let’s find out. I’ll be glad to invest time with you and help you discover possibly something new. There really is no commitment and no pressure if you all you need is the Review Session.

I pray you can help others like you helped me today.


schedule your free Review Session today. Happiness comes at no extra charge.

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